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Kings ROP

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Kings ROP provides career preparation and skill upgrade courses to high school students and adults in Kings County. A variety of courses are offered. Courses are open to those 16 years or older who want to develop or improve their occupational skills. High school students should see their high school counselor to register for classes. The Business Technology Center is open to adults.

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Automotive - Hanford High School

Mission Statement

Kings ROP is committed to:

- Providing high quality applied academic experiences.
- Offering classes that reflect today's and future job market needs, reinforcing academic skills.
- Offering all students the opportunity to demonstrate occupational competency.
- Assisting all students in their search for additional career training or employment.

Job Readiness Skills (ESLRs)
Each student completing a Kings ROP program will:
Be an effective communicator - orally, nonverbally, and in writing
Master employability skills - job seeking and retention skills, as well as being a team member
Become a self-directed learner - by accessing needed resources and solving problems
Be a conscientious worker - who is both productive and produces a quality product or service
Uses technology productively - after selecting the appropriate technology for the task 
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