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Media and Video Conferencing

443 Greenfield Ave.
Hanford, CA 93230
(559) 584-1441

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Kings County Office of Education strives to offer the best tools and technology for today's 21st century classroom. The Education Technology Team has worked diligently to provide opportunities for students, teachers and staff in the areas of interactive video conferencing, instructional videos, mobile devices, Google Applications and professional development.

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The Journey of Milk: From Cow to Carton

Grades K-5th

Video Conferencing Program Offerings


To view lesson plans, pre and post program activities and supply lists, Click the "KCOE IVC Studio Programs" Lin​k on the left hand side of this page.
 Agriculture Programs:
1. "The Wonder of Cotton: From Farm to Fabric” (Grades 2nd-5th)
2. "The Journey of Milk: From Cow to Carton" (Grades K-5th)

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Rangers in the Classroom:

These programs are made exclusively available for Kings County students through a partnership with Sequoia and Kings Canyon National ParksProgram dates and times are predetermined.

1. "Meet Your National Parks" (Grades 2nd-4th)
2. "Bear Essentials" (Grades 2nd-4th)
3. "Up, Up and Away" (Grades K-2nd) 
4. “Guess Hoo’s for Dinner” (Grades 3rd-5th)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Kaweah Park Rangers:

These programs are made exclusively available for Kings County students through a partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Kaweah Terminus Dam. Program dates and times are predetermined.

1. "What's the Dirt on Soil?" (Grade 4th& 5th)

2. Lake Kaweah's Terminus Dam (Grade 4th & 5th)

3. Endangered Zone (Grades 2nd-5th)

Kings Art Center:

These programs are made exclusively available for Kings County students through a partnership with the Kings Art Center. Program dates are predetermined but times are flexible. Each class is $50 and up to 2 classes may participate per session.

1. Shape Robots (Kindergarten) 
2. Seasonal Owls (Kindergarten)
3. Primary Popsicles (Grades 1st-3rd)  
4. Pop Art Hearts (Grades 1st-3rd)
5. Whimsical Trees (Grades 1st-3rd)
6. Birch Trees (Grades 1st-3rd)
7. Mountainous Landscapes (Grades 1st-3rd)
8. Eerie Road (Grades 4th-6th)
9. Van Gogh Inspired Sunflowers (Grades 4th-6th)
10. Shape Pop Outs (Grades 4th-6th) 
11. Geometric Art (Grades 4th-6th)
12. Zentangle Starburst (Grades 4th-6th)
13. Science is Art- Butterflies (Grades K-3rd) BACK AGAIN!
14. Science is Art- Jellyfish (Grades 3rd-6th) BACK AGAIN!
15. Science is Art- Sea Star (Grades 2nd-8th) BACK AGAIN!










IVC Contact

Haley Moreno
443 Greenfield Ave.
Hanford CA 93230
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